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Tradition in
dental medicine!

Specialist practice of dental medicine for orthodontics Weber is situated in Varaždin and it provides services of complete dental therapy at one place. We have our own, well known, family tradition of practicing dental medicine. But with the individual and professional approach and using the latest technology we can assure quality and quick service for each patient.

Ortodoncija Weber

Complete therapy at one place

From the first contact until finishing the complex dental services, at our practice the patient is always the most important. We provide a wide range of services and all therapies and treatments have one goal: making your smile beautiful, natural and, most importantly, healthy. More >>

Digitalni dentalni rendgen

Precise digital X-ray diagnostics

At our practice we do radiography of teeth with digital dental x-ray, which is one of the most important tools in dental diagnostics. With a precise and accurate image, in only a few minutes we can diagnose a complete status of teeth and all structures inside the oral cavity. More >>

Dentalni turizam Varaždin

Dental tourism

If you are out of your native country, we will enable you to get all the necessary medical examinations and treatments, all at accessible prices and with contemporary methods. Along with saving money, there are many other reasons to visit Varaždin and other Croatian tourist destinations. More >>